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Algonquin College’s Language Proficiency Requirements





Diplomas Overall 6.0

No band below 5.5

Degrees and Graduate Certificates Overall 6.5

No band below 6.0

Health and Communication Related Programs Overall 6.5

No band below 6.0


Improve Your Academic English

Would you like to continue improving your English skills? Consider a full-time or part-time English programs or courses. For additional language programs visit the Algonquin College Language Institute for a range of options.

English for Academic Purposes for Canadian students (full-time)

English for Academic Purposes for International Students  (full-time)

ESL  (part-time)

Find out More!

Visit Algonquin College for a wide range of program offerings complete with practical experience to provide you with the skills you need for the career you want.

4  Years  —  Employers value the combination of theory and practical hands-on experience. Co-op terms. Outstanding professors. Applied research. Joint programs with Canadian universities. You get the best of both worlds.

2 Years — Diploma programs help prepare you for a specific field of work and include a broad base of study, which enables graduates to pursue various career

Years — These programs help develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable graduates to work within a broad range of technical and/or management functions across many occupational disciplines.

1  Year  —  These programs develop the level of skills and knowledge to help graduates perform a defined range of activities. Programs also engage students in some learning in disciplines outside their main field of study.

1 Year — Take it up a level.
Get on the fast track. Did you just graduate? Want to specialize? Get a career advantage with a high-demand specialization.