Register for Computer-delivered IELTS test

We are very excited to be offering Computer- Delivered IELTS testing, as well as our traditional Paper-based IELTS testing!

Computer-Delivered testing offers test-takers the following:

  • Use of headphones during the listening test
  • Using a keyboard means you won’t have to worry about clear handwriting
  • Faster results! Results are available in 5 days
  • Smaller tests, which means little or no waiting in lines
  • Frequent tests:  computer delivered IELTS tests are offered at least once a week, which means you’ll never have wait to take a test
  • Even though the Listening/Reading and writing tests are on the computer, the Speaking remains face-to-face with an Examiner in a private room.
  • You’ll be able to book your own Speaking test session at a time that suits you!

Academic Computer-based IELTS test in Ottawa: REGISTER NOW

General Training Computer-based IELTS test in Ottawa: REGISTER NOW

The cost for taking an IELTS Computer-Delivered test is $346 (all inclusive)

IELTS Test DatesOttawa
Wednesday, July 8
Thursday, July 9
Tuesday, July 14
Wednesday, July 15
Thursday, July 16
Friday, July 17
Tuesday, July 21
Wednesday, July 22
Thursday, July 23
Friday, July 24
Sunday, July 26
Wednesday, July 29
Thursday, July 30
Friday, July 31
Thursday, August 6
Friday, August 7
Thursday, August 13
Friday, August 14
Saturday, August 15
Thursday, August 20
Friday, August 21
Sunday, August 23
Thursday, August 27
Friday, August 28
Sunday, August 30