Register for Computer-delivered IELTS test

We are very excited to be offering Computer- Delivered IELTS testing, as well as our traditional Paper-based IELTS testing!

Computer-Delivered testing offers test-takers the following:

  • Use of headphones during the listening test
  • Using a keyboard means you won’t have to worry about clear handwriting
  • Faster results! Results are available in 5 days
  • Smaller tests, which means little or no waiting in lines
  • Frequent tests:  computer delivered IELTS tests are offered at least once a week, which means you’ll never have wait to take a test
  • Even though the Listening/Reading and writing tests are on the computer, the Speaking remains face-to-face with an Examiner in a private room.
  • You’ll be able to book your own Speaking test session at a time that suits you!

We offer our computer-delivered test 5 days a week ( Wednesday through Sunday).

Register now for Academic or General Training Tests!

The cost for taking an IELTS Computer-Delivered test is $346 (all inclusive)